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Conservatives don't like the Gospels of Jesus of Nazareth
nearly as much as they love the Old Testament, the
Epistles of Paul of Tarsus
, and the Book of Revelation !
Their "fundamentals" are not Christ's fundamentals,
and they are the kind of "blind leaders of the blind",
that Jesus warned his followers to shun.

The series of points below feature brief introductions to a number of linked articles, each of which opens in a separate window, exposing the many ways in which so-called "Christian conservative" preachers, writers, radio or TV commentator, and the like, neither teach what Jesus taught, nor act the way Jesus instructed his followers to act. These people may be outstanding showmen and women, and are entitled to launch religions of their own, if they so choose. But they should not to be believed when they claim to represent the religion of Jesus Christ!

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