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Although the primary target audience of this website is the large number of wierd so-called "Christians" in America who have "G.O.P." and "GOD" confused, liberal Americans who may not have much interest in religion personally can no more afford to ignore what some 70% of Americans believe than "people of color" can afford to ignore America's white majority (or gays can ignore the straight community). So long as one group is the overwhelming religious majority, and the other has been the dominant ethnicity in this country for centuries, and will fight to keep that privilege for years to come, nothing good can come from trying to ignore them. What this website is all about is challenging the very large number of white, conservative Americans who call themselves "Christians" to WAKE UP.
        First, we challenge the political and the religious conservatives of America (including its powerful Roman Catholic wing ) to stop calling themselves "Christians" unless and until they are ready to start acting like followers of Jesus of Nazareth.
        And then we challenge all these so-called "Christians" to wake up to the fact that Jesus was a liberal, not a conservative, so in order to be his followers, they need to actually follow his example and his teaching, and become the liberals in our day that he was in his day.
        And finally, we challenge conservatives to come to grips with the fact that their opposition to abortion and to gay marriage is not the open and shut case that they imagine it to be, as they might learn if they could only pry open their eyes, their ears, their hearts and their minds.

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