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the direction America is going in ?


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We liberal Christians aren't going to take it any more !

Have you had enough yet? enough of the Religious Right persuading millions of people not only to vote against all kinds of minorities, but to even vote against their very own interests- along with ours,- in order to put "conservative Christians" like Donald J. Trump - no matter how phony they know them to be, not just into the presidency, but into all kinds of federal, state and local offices all over the country as well? If it were their economic and employment distress that had motivated their vote, then why did 4 out of every 5 vote Republican, while 4 out of every 5 of their Gottmituns.jpgeven more distressed black and brown brothers and sisters vote Democratic?
       No, it's time for liberal christians and even non-Christians who know and value the teaching and example of Jesus of Nazareth better than the right wing pseudo-Christians do to challenge their preposterous claim, like the Nazi belt-buckle, that they are the ones who have God on their side. They have been holding hostage the great liberal founder of Christianity long enough. Isaiah was clearly Jesus of Nazareth's favorite Old Testament prophets, and some 27 centuries ago, he prophesied:

{ Isaiah 32: 5-6 }: book.gif

"In those days the ungodly, the atheists, will not be heroes!  Wealthy cheaters will not be spoken of as generous, outstanding men!   Everyone will recognize an evil man when he sees him,  and hypocrites will fool no one at all.   Their lies about God and their cheating of the hungry will be plain for all to see.   The smooth tricks of evil men will be exposed, as will all the lies they use to oppress the poor in the courts.  But good men will be generous to others and will be blessed of God for all they do."

Don't you think it's about time that prophecy be fulfilled?

We liberal Christians can't allow any more generations to be brainwashed into the pseudo-Christianity of "the Moral Majority", "the Christian Coalition", the "Religious Right", the "One, True, Holy Catholic Church", or whatever other phony banner they try to peddle their deceitful wares under! Many of the readers of this site may be too young to have heard of all of the blind "Christian conservative " leaders below, but they need to know what following such leaders will get them: nothing good!
       You can read a lot more detail and sources at our www.JesusWouldBeFurious.org blindleaders webpage, but here's a number of examples the kinds of conservative preachers who have been claiming to represent Jesus Christ in recent years:

  • The Rev. George A. Rekers, a co-founder of the ultra-conservative "Family Research Council" and a staunch GLBT foe, forced in 2010 to resign in disgrace after he hired a gay prostitute to accompany him for a ten day vacation to Europe.
  • the Rev. Ted Haggard, a leading preacher against homosexuality, was forced out as leader of the largest megachurch in the country, which he founded (14,000 members) and also resign as president of the National Association of Evangelicals, after a homosexual prostitute in Denver claimed to have had drug-fueled trysts with him.
  • The Rev. Tom Brock, the senior pastor at Hope Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis, MN, similar story.
  • The 5th highest paid college president in the country, George Roche III (of the tiny, but very important ultra-Conservative Hillsdale College) was outed as a thoroughly disgusting human being, when his son's wife, who had been the editor of the school's monthly journal of conservative thought, committed suicide after announcing that her father-in-law and boss had been sleeping with her for the past 19 years, all but the first two years of her marriage to his son, George Roche IV.
  • Randall Terry, founder of the pro-life "Operation Rescue", similar immoral sexual hypocrisies.
  • The anti-LGBT activist Linda Wall admitted that, as a teacher 40 years ago, she sexually molested a minor girl.
  • "Woe to you . . . hypocrites!  On the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of wickedness" Matthew 23:27:28
    Conservative Christian Television Evangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker were forced out of their pastoral positions after Bakker was Indicted on 23 federal charges of fraud, tax-evasion, and racketeering, for which he went to federal prison.  He was also known for bizarre sexual practices including alleged "group sex" activities with several male staffers and a female staffer. After committing adultery with Jessica Hahn, he used charitable donations to pay her hush money. Fellow televangelists say he's gay.
  • Rev. Coy Privette, the 74 year old president of the Christian Action League, a North Carolina ultraconservative Christian political organization, similar immoral sexual hypocrisies.
  • Pastor George Crosleywas convicted in 1996 of trying to hire a hit man to kill an annoying critic of his ultra-Conservative radio ministry,
  • Bev Russell, a noted state Republican leader and county chairman of the Christian Coalition. was the step-father of the Susan Smith who murdered her two children by driving her car into a lake in Union, SC., with the two toddlers strapped into their car seats. It was eventually revealed that Russell had molested his step-daughter as a teen-ager and that their sexual encounters continued thereafter.
  • Televangelist Paul Crouch, founder of the world's largest Christian broadcasting network, reportedly paid $425,000 in hush money to prevent a former employee from publicizing allegations that he and Crouch had a sexual encounter.
  • The wrong-doing of the Rev. Pat Robertson is too extensive to summarize, so check out our blindleaders webpage.
  • The wrong-doing of Ralph Reed is too extensive to summarize, so check out our blindleaders webpage.
  • The Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, founder of the Traditional Values Coalition.  had a history of protested loudly against gambling, was caught along with his friend Ralph Reed in a scheme to take money from some Indians to enable them to open gambling establishments in some states
  • The wrong-doing of the Rev. Jerry Falwell is too extensive to summarize, so check out our blindleaders webpage.
  • The wrong-doing of the Rev. Billy Graham is too extensive to summarize, so check out our blindleaders webpage.
  • The wrong-doing of the Chuck Colson is too extensive to summarize, so check out our blindleaders webpage.
  • The wrong-doing of The Rev. Robert H. Schuller is too extensive to summarize, so check out our blindleaders webpage.
  • At the time of his arrest in February 2005, the "BTK" serial killer of Wichita, Kansas, Dennis Rader, a father of two grown children, was the president of his Lutheran church.
  • John List, was another devout Lutheran lay teacher who almost got away with the well-planned murder of his mother, his wife and his three children in their home in Westfield, N.J. Before he escaped and went into hiding for 18 years, going back to teaching Sunday school under an assumed identity, Mr. List left a Confession letter to his Evangelical Lutheran pastor expressing the conviction that God would forgive him, since "Christ had died for him along with all other sinners."
  • Tony Alamo, a one-time street preacher who built a multimillion-dollar ministry and became an outfitter of the stars, was convicted Friday of taking girls as young as 9 across state lines for sex.
  • The Rev. Darrell Bell: Hamilton, OH.  – "A Pentecostal minister convicted of repeatedly raping his daughter when she was 11 through 18 yrs of age.
  • The Rev. Raymond Lambert, 51, of Grand Valley Independent Baptist Church, in rural Missouri, his wife Patty, 49, and her brothers, Paul Epling, 53, and Tom Epling, 51 are all accused of repeatedly having sex with girls from their congregation for years,, some as young as age 4, sometimes as part of a religious ritual.

Now this isn't a recent phenomenon. Most of today's generation of "Christian conservatives" were raised by previous generations of like-minded parents. Most of them were "good bible-believing Christian" opponents of the integration of African Americans into society and the acceptance of women as the equals of men. And their parents were "good bible-believing Christian" supporters of segregation. Their clergy and other upstanding Christians were proud members of the "Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan", like the ones in this photo of the time.


And their parents were "good bible-believing Christian" supporters of the enslavement of men and women bought from Africa to enrich the white population that had come from "Christian" Europe to rob the native population of all that they had, in exchange for the blessings they offered of "the salvation of their eternal souls".

Was the "one and only, holy, Roman Catholic Church" any better ?

It's well-known that the Klans were opposed to Roman Catholics as well as blacks. The reason for this was that so many of the immigrant "foreigners" that they perceived at that time as a threat to their way of life were coming from either from the Roman Catholic countries of Europe or from the"Latin", i.e. Roman Catholic, countries to their south.
        Now many liberals and Democrats since that time make the mistake of thinking that, unlike the European Catholic hierarchy which has usually been quite conservative, that the U.S. Catholic hierarchy is more liberal and more "democratic". For a time, that may have been true, i.e. when most of their flocks were poor, recent immigrants to America. During that period, the Catholic church's leadership in Rome allowed bishops in this country to become a lot more sympathetic to the underdog, i.e. liberal, because their flocks were the underdogs at the time. We are seeing some of that same spirit return, now that there is such a huge influx of Roman Catholic "latinos". But, the Roman Catholic hierarchy's natural tendency is to be as close to the seats of power as they can. And now that America's Catholics have made their church powerful enough to gain 6 of the 9 seats of the U.S. Supreme Court, the essentially arbitrary, conservative, authoritarianism of Roman Catholicism is out of the closet. None of the bishops of this church are elected democratically. They are all appointed by their church's absolute ruler, the pope. The vast majority of America's bishops were appointed by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, both of whom were very conventional conservatives. I can't find any sign that a single one of them did much to counter the huge effort made by several conservative Catholic organizations to promote not just Trump over Hillary, but (every Republican over every Democrat for that matter).

So lets see how close to Jesus and to God this institution is. It claims that it is the only church that was founded by Jesus, and that what it has been all about for the past 2000 years is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the historical record below clearly shows!

  1. Century upon century of R. C. church's arrogance
  2. The Church's barbaric treatment of "heretics"
  3. The Church's barbaric treatment of the Jews
  4. The Church's barbaric treatment of "Savages"
  5. The Church's barbaric treatment of "Slaves"
  6. What has made "The Church" so barbaric?
  7. The contrast between Christ & "the Vicar of Christ"
  8. The immoral Catholicism of Fascist Italy
  9. The immoral Catholicism of Fascist Spain
  10. The immoral Catholicism of Fascist Germany
  11. The immoral Catholicism of Fascist Croatia
  12. The Roman Catholic Church, "Mother of Dictators"
  13. One the R. C. church's least significant scandals,
    the sexual abuse of its children by its priests and bishops.

So, where do we go from here ?

It's awfully hard, as the saying goes to "teach old dogs new tricks". And the same goes for older people who have experienced nothing but conservative Christianity all of their lives. But we must get to work waking up the next generation before they become hopeless zombies too. But that will continue to be a lost cause unless and until old liberals show that they can learn new tricks or step aside and let a new generation of liberals take the reins. We liberals need to stop looking down our noses at the vast sea of "Christian conservatives" and pretending they don't matter, just because there's no chance they can ever be persuaded to be become Bill Maher or Richard Pryor liberals. What we can and should do is get serious about persuading the vast majority of "Christians" in America to become the kind of liberals that Jesus of Nazareth was and to start voting accordingly, which shouldn't be that hard, because they are already in favor of following Christ. All we need to do is enlightened as to how very liberal Jesus Christ was, which the overwhelming evidence laid out at www.LiberalslikeChrist.Org proves in spades.
        Now as much as I appreciate the example and ideas that Jesus gave us 2000 years ago, I don't expect any miraculous assistance from him when it comes to the problems the Trump administration represents for the United States and the world today. That's where YOU come in!


The Liberals like Christ "battle plan":

  1. although we can never allow the number of our members or the total of their contributions to ever become an end in itself, at every stage of our war against "the vast right wing conspiracy", we will need to be constantly expanding our membership, because
  2. the more success we have in expanding our membership and the finances they provide, the sooner we will be able to persuade liberal advocacy groups, churches and political leaders to appreciate what we can do for them and the country if they partner with us to form a movement, and
  3. the more such groups join in this effort, the sooner we can launch a massive campaign to challenge "Christian Conservatives" nationwide who are serious about following Jesus Christ to be at least as liberal in our time and place as Jesus of Nazareth was in his time and place, and when that happens,
  4. we will be able to achieve our ultimate goal, which is turning the U.S.A. into the progressive, liberal nation that it can and should be, with people of all religions or no religion, people of all ethnicities, people of all sexual orientations and women as well as men can share as equitably as possible in the benefits of being Americans, pursuing peace in the best possible environment for all.

To achieve all of that, we don't need to convert half or even a quarter of the 80% of white Christian conservatives who have been deciding so many elections in the past 30 or 40 years. All it may take is converting 10 or 20% of them, and the younger generation is low hanging fruit, not only because of all of the challenges to traditional thinking in our time, but because of the natural tendancy of young people wanting to distinguish themselves from their parents.
        It is too late now to stop theChristian conservative Republicans taking-over, not just the presidency, the two houses of Congress and the Supreme Court, but many of the higher offices at the state level. Our next big chance to stall their momentum is in the election of 2018. But nothing will change then, if we keep thinking and acting the way we have in the recent past.

What Democrats need to change:

  1. The "Wall"
           One of the huge problems for the Democratic Party, which has put them at a huge disadvantage to the Republican Party, is the idea that "separation of church and state" ought to be a governing principle in politics. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
            Come on now, liberals. You know how frustrating it is to attempt to make conservatives understand the Americans United for the separation of church and state argument that the U.S. Constitution does not prevent people from praying or practicing their religion anyway they choose, even in public, so long as they don't do it as officials of the government, or with the endorsement of the government.
           Well, it takes the same level of sophistication for liberals to understand why "separation of church and state" applies to public officials acting as such, not to people who wish to lobby the government, or to get themselves or others elected to public service positions, or even to organize themselves into political parties in order to do so more effectively. This is such an important issue that we devote an entire website to it called ChurchvState.Org
  2. "Where are the jobs?"
            For a long time there were still enough conservatives among its members for the Democratic Party to be constantly worrying about alienating that significant wing of the party, by becoming too liberal. But at long last, now that the Democratic Party can escape its schizophrenic past, it can pull itself together, agree on a path forward, and overtake Donald Trump's team of wild horses before they take our country over the brink. On Nov. 30th, one third of the Democratic members of Congress attempted to unseat Nancy Pelosi, on the grounds that the party needed to go in a different direction. I never thought they had any chance of success because all that these challengers talked about was the need to address the economic concerns of the nation's working class, as though the Democratic Party had not already been doing just that four generations.
            The trouble, however, isn't that liberal Democrats haven't been concerned about the economic well-being of middle and lower class Americans. It's that they haven't figured out what to do about it. During the 2016 election campaign, we Liberals like Christ launched a very unique and insightful web site that shows why Trump and the Republican Party aren't going to even do as well as the Democrats have in solving the economic problems of all of the developed countries of the world today, because they have even less understanding of those problems and there's no way of solving problems that are't first understood.
            Our website is called "YOUaretoBlame.org" and it shows why our problems are the inevitable consequence of automation on the one hand and globalization on the other. We didn't call the site "you are to blame" to guilt trip anyone but rather to make us all realize how futile it is to blame others, because we are all part of the problem.
            But, coming back to the failure of the Democratic Party at the hands of the G.O.P., the most important factor that has caused the Democratic Party's constant loss of members to both the G.O.P. and the "nones" or "unaffiliated" party is that is hasn't figured out how Republicans have persuaded so many Americans not to vote at all, or to vote against their own and everybody else's economic well-being when they do. I think that we Liberals like Christ have the answer.
  3. DirtPoorGOP

  4. The "old bulls" vs. "the baby-killers"
            I wish I could play a video for you of an experience I had years ago that almost knocked me off my feet. I had been waving a sign, promoting a Democrat's candidacy on street corners of a fairly liberal city in Connecticut, when I decided to break for lunch at a nearby McDonald's. I saw a group of friendly-looking, old, working-class bulls like myself at a large corner table, so I headed toward them. But before I could say a word, they almost challenged me in unison, "How can you support those baby-killers?"
            Just because we liberals don't see abortion as a matter of life or death, we have to appreciate what an important role this issue has in the thinking of millions of Conservative Christians and Catholics, and even in the minds of some who may tend to be liberal on many other issues.
            While the Roman Catholic and Christian conservatives have been using this very sensitive issue for decades now to drive a powerful wedge between poor and working-class Americans and the party that bests represents their interests, what has the Democratic Party and their liberal allies done to counter that strategy? I know they have reassured themselves by preaching only to their own already their proi-choice choir. But, if anyone knows how they have tried to counter the constant stream of very emotional videos, tapes, DVDs, and posters like the ones below, I wish he or she would tell me.
NotYourBody   AbortionProtester PM-TrudeauPro-Choice ChildSacrifice-2

The Liberals like Christ response :

In the meantime, we Liberals like Christ have developed a very aggressive moral and religious response in a language that the Roman Catholic and Christian conservatives can understand. We argue at the Christian Choice that the right of mothers to decide for themselves how to deal with their own unwanted pregnancies is something that we should all be proud to support, not just as liberals, but as Christians as well. Can we offer proof that our approach works? To be brutally honest, NO. Because we have been such small potatoes, we haven't even been able to get the attention of pro-lifers. Until now, we have been so small that we haven't event been able to get the attention of the pro-CHOICE community. But maybe now that the very existence of Planned Parenthood is on the line, maybe NOW they will be open to a different approach.
        If Liberals like Christ had enough supporters to persuade the pro-choice community to partner with us, and with their help, to persuade Democratice Party leaders to do so as well, can you imagine what the impact would be if liberal politicians, liberal Christians, advocacy groups and Democratic leaders came together to challenge the Conservative Christian establishment in southern and midwestern communities to explain how they can claim to be "Christians" and not be liberals, as Liberals like Christ .org shows that Jesus Christ clearly was?
        If Liberals like Christ had enough supporters to persuade the pro-choice community to partner with us, and with their help to persuade Democratice Party leaders to do so as well, can you imagine what the impact would be if liberal politicians, liberal Christians, advocacy groups and Democratic leaders made a noisy public challenge the Conservative Christian establishment in southern and midwestern communities to explain how they can claim to be "Christians" and not be liberals, as shows that Jesus Christ clearly was?
        We have referenced a number of the pages on our website in the paragraph above. But there are literally hundreds of other very insightful and provocative articles organized three main headings. Those dealing mostly with American politics and civil society are under Great-Liberal-Insights.org. those dealing mostly with religion in general and American Christianity in particular are under liberals like Christ.org. And we deal with the special case of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, under the Catholic Arrogance.org heading. Togther, these pages constitute an encyclopedia of great responses to the many weak arguments that are regularly made by Cosnervatives to justify their erroneous beliefs and to support the superior beliefs of liberal Americans.


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