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Would Jesus agree with the vast majority of white conservative Christians who not only cast their votes for Donald J. Trump in the 2016 elections, but who continue to support him, no matter how disgracefully he acts or speaks?

" Don the Evangelist "

The Dishonesty and/or Stupidity of the Supporters of Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump was elected by "a perfect storm" in which several forces combined to make him the unexpected winner of the electoral-college vote, i.e. 1) traditional Republicans, whose initial reservations were overcome by the desire to win, no matter what the price, 2) very wealthy people who would certainly gain by having one of their own in the White House, 3) the Russian government, which hated and feared Hillary Clinton, and most importantly 4) a very large number of very ignorant and/or dishonest American voters. ( Such people may be brilliant in many other ways, but not when it comes to being well-informed politically.)

The British actor, John Cleese, is famous for his role as a bumbling fool. But in the video below, he explains scientificly how millions of people can be so ignorant about politics that they have no idea how ignorant they are themselves, or to evaluate anybody else's knowledge, such as Donald J. Trump's, for example.


In my humble opinion, the reason that Donald Trump is so attractive to people who know almost nothing about the issues involved in politics is that they see the same ignorant views in him that they possess themselves. And so, in applauding his stupidity, they are applauding their own.

I don't know if it cost her the election, but when Hillary Clinton called many of Donald Trump's supporters a "basket of deplorables", that was simply one of many ways of putting into words an obvious, truth-filled fact. And that fact is becoming more and more obvious as the 33% or so of his supporters refuse to admit that they made a huge mistake, and they instead double-down on that mistake by continuing to support this constantly lying, increasingly incompetent and dangerous president, no matter how great his dishonesty and/or his stupidity become. When these people say they love Trump because "he tells it like it is", that doesn't mean that he tells the truth - which he does only about once a week ; - they mean "he thinks and talks the way we do", i.e. just as ignorantly and as "politically incorrect" as we do. And no matter how many facts the news media uncover to show how defective their leader is, so long as they continue to be ignorant and/or dishonest, their responses to those facts will be in effect : "So what? He's just like us, and so long as we're lucky enough to have one of our own in the White House, we've got to protect him!"
        Now some people may say that I'm being unfair, or going too far. Why? What other explanation can there be for people seeing and hearing blatant dishonesty and/or stupidity and not being revolted by it? What other explanation can there be for people seeing and hearing Donald J. Trump claim that it's all of the mainstream media who are constantly lying, not him?
        Here is a test to determine whether it's the media or the President who tells the truth :


Anybody can check out the accuracy of the above graphic and determine for themselves
if Donald Trump was lying, or if the media was lying

  1. Was Donald Trump's 2016 electoral vote of 306 truly higher than H. W. Bush's total of 426 in 1988 , or not ?
  2. Was Donald Trump's 2016 electoral vote of 306 truly higher than Bill Clinton 's total of 370 in 1992, or not ?
  3. Was Donald Trump's 2016 electoral vote of 306 truly higher than Bill Clinton 's total of 379 in 1996, or not ?
  4. Was Donald Trump's 2016 electoral vote of 306 truly higher than Barack Obama's total of 365 in 2008, or not ?
  5. Was Donald Trump's 2016 electoral vote of 306 truly higher than Barack Obama's total of 332 in 2012, or not ?
Who is telling a total of FIVE LIES in a SINGLE SENTENCE?

Nothing that either Trump or Hillary said or did seemed to matter to these voters during the election campaign. It's what they represented that mattered to them. Just as David and Goliath alone did battle on behalf of their respective armies, Donald did battle for the conservative view of the whole panoply of America's problems and solutions on the one hand, and Hillary stood for all of the liberal alternatives on the other. It may be that Trump won the crucial number of votes that he needed because enough voters really believed Donald Trump's bombastic claims that he would somehow magically reverse a 30 year trend that no one else has been able to stop of jobs leaving America, and "make America great again" by restoring the golden age of the 1950's, when at least white people remember that their parent's generation all had good jobs with good pay. While there have been many reasons given for Donald Trump's victory of Hillary Clinton, I believe that one of the issues that had the greatest impact has gotten the least attention; and that is the issue of religion, or morality in America. But how and why did so many Christian Republicans end up supporting the least religious of the Republican candidates?

If it is very important for Republicans
that they have a President
who shares their
(Conservative Christian) faith
and Donald Trump was viewed
as the "least religious"
of all of the candidates
in this election, then
why did 81% of the white Christians and
60% of the white Catholics vote for Trump rather than Clinton?


Since religion is so important to the white evangelical community, and they didn't really view Trump as very religious (despite the act he put on for them), why were they (or you) so enthused about voting for him? Could it be that they did so because their conservative Christian leaders made it unthinkable to vote for Hillary Clinton?

"Christian" conservatives in America these days
admire, follow and support leaders like these
most "successful" ( richest), of preachers, i.e. :


The money-grubbing circus-clowns above are no more like Jesus than Donald J. Trump is like "Honest Abe" Lincoln (or Jesus). But so-called "Christian Conservatives" are so ignorant that they have been fooled by all kinds of dishonest propaganda (below) into believing that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the one who was "unchristian".


Jeremiah 23:14 & 16

"And among the prophets of Jerusalem
( or preachers of America )
I have seen something horrible:
They commit adultery and live a lie.
They strengthen the hands of evildoers,
so that not one of them turns from their wickedness.
They are all like Sodom to me;
the people of Jerusalem are like Gomorrah."

Therefore this is what the Lord Almighty says,
        concerning the prophets:
"Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you;
they fill you with false hopes.
They speak visions from their own minds,
not from the mouth of the Lord."

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Jesus Christ taught nothing
about any of the above topics.

But see what "liberal Democrats" have being
doing for years to fulfill
what Jesus actually taught
by word and deed at

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